Household Hammer Mill CF158 Parameters

Screen Diameter
Screen Size
2.2 kw
360*160 mm
1.5-10 mm
The moisture of raw material: 8%-15%
Dimension: 480*580*630 mm
Guarantee: 1 year
Note: Cyclone is sold separately

Note: Three-phase voltage–380v/50Hz
Single-phase voltage–220v/50Hz

Advantages of Household Hammer Mill
1. Driven by electric motors, the household hammer mill is easy to operate.
2. The hammer mill may be powered by 2 electrodes motor that is driven by four B-type belts.
3. It will reduce lumber up to 50 mm diameter into 3-5 mm generally.
4. The screen sizes can be offered as per your request.
5. Smallest capacity makes this CF158 wood hammer mill most suitable for making your own wood pellets and feed pellets.

Applications of CF 158 Wood Hammer Mill
★ This smallest wood hammer mill is most suitable for home use with its small capacity and tiny dimensions.
★ Equipped with hammers, this wood hammer mill is more suitable to crush soft agricultural crops such as wheat stalks, alfalfa, corn straws, switchgrass,  peanut soybean shell, and bamboo.
★ A cyclone can be equipped to collect finished wood particles to prevent dust leakage.
★ This wood hammer mill can be used in homemade wood pellet production which can be used as animal bedding, heat fuel, and fodder.


bamboo for biomass pellets

corn stalks

dry corn stalks for biomass pellets

peanut shellpeanut shell

wheat strawwheat straw

 alfalfa bale

alfalfa bale for feed pellets

 oil cake

oil cake for animal feed

 feed grain and pellets

animal feed grain powder



Wood Hammer Mill Working Principle
There are three main parts in the whole wood hammer mill: feed hopper, grinding cell, and winding system. Cyclone is sold separately which can be used to collect wood particles and dust and reduce its harm to humans.

☞  While working, wood material is fed into the crushing chamber through a feed hopper. Crushed by a high-speed rotating hammer, large particles hit the gears with strong impact force. Got repetitive collision and friction press from hammers and gears, raw material is gradually being ground into small chips and sawdust.

☞  These light wood particles are blowing out wood hammer mills with the help of winding machines. If there is no cyclone on your machine, light wood chips will be blown everywhere and you should place a dust bag to gather them. If your wood hammer mills are equipped with a cyclone, these crushed wood chips will be automatically separated from strong airflow.

How to Choose a Good Quality Wood Hammer Mill

electric hammer millA wood hammer mill is usually applied in wood pellet production for fuel pellets and animal bedding. As a pre-processing device in a wood pellet processing line, the quality of wood particles crushed by wood hammer machines will directly affect the final wood pellets production. So what’s the best wood hammer mill? How to choose a suitable wood hammer mill? Here we will introduce several tips when purchasing new wood hammer mills.
▶ Choose a reliable wood hammer mill manufacturer.
Machines look all the same outside. So the quality will be more or less similar. Please change your views right now. Wood hammer mills from small workshops must be much more cheap compared with these mills from larger factories, however, the texture of metal will be a tremendous difference. In general, stainless steel 4Cr13 means the carbon content is 0.4% and the chrome content is 13%. The higher the carbon content and lower the chrome content, the easier the metal to be oxidized.
▶ With or without a cyclone
Our CF158 wood hammer mill with the smallest power and compact structure is designed for home use. Due to the low yield and cost, there is no need to buy a professional cyclone to collect wood particles.
While for other large-capacity wood hammer mills, we recommend equipping a cyclone with your hammer mill. These microparticles mixed in the air will do harm to your lungs and breathing system. A cyclone will collect this mixed air first and then separate wood chips from the air with the help of gravity.
▶ After-sale Service
After-sale service can ensure a smooth business once you buy a machine aboard. You can inevitably encounter some operation problems while making wood pellets. we can offer you 12-month warranty for the main parts to protect your interests and save you money.