CF420C Electric Hammer Mill Specifications

Packing Size
Screen Hole Size
200~700 kg/h
Electric Engine
1120*820*1070  mm
1.8–10 mm

Note: Three-phase voltage–380v/50Hz

Introduction to CF420C Electric Hammer Mill
This CF420 hammer mill is a newly developed machine that is endowed with many advantages compared to other kinds of crushers such as simple construction, convenient operation, high efficiency, saving power consumption, and safe condition. It is suitable to crush raw materials of small sizes such as tree branches, bamboo, wood scrap, old cardboard and newspaper, straw, crop stalks and corn cobs, and so on. After crushing, raw materials are uniform and with proper moisture content to meet further processing. With a capacity of 200-700kg/h, it can surely meet the production requirement in farms, middle-sized feeding factories, or families.

wood pellet material

Key Features of CF420C Electric Hammer Mill
1. With a capacity of 200kg—700kg/h, this hammer mill can satisfy a large production demand on a daily basis.
2. The ability to change screen size, and the option of a variable speed frequency drive control, enable processing a variety of materials using the same hammer mill.
3. Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized by adjusting the gap between hammers and the screen
4. The core part of the hammer flake is scientifically designed to have two concussion parts, thus when one part is worn out, you can turn over to use the other part.
5. The angle of the screen can be 180° which allows for high throughput at lower power consumption.
6. Equipped with an air blower, the crushed material can be directly collected and transported to the next machine for further processing.
7. The rotor of the hammer mill operates at 3,500 RPM to produce high hammer tip speed, thus the finished powder can be uniform with a smaller size.
Wood Hammer Mill Cutter & Sieve

wood hammer mill structure
wood hammer mill cutter
wood hammer mill sieve

A main factor in determining finished particle size is the speed of the hammer mill. When the rotor spins, the hammers flail out and impact the material with great severity causing it to break down.  As a result, the higher the rotor speed, the greater the number of hammer mill blows, and thus a finer end product. 

Typical Applications of Electric Hammer Mill
★ Wood Pellet Production
★ Feed Pellet production
★ Biomass Briquette production

How Hammer Mill Affects Pellets Quality

wood pellets hammer millHammer mills can be used to reduce the particle size of the raw material for pellets production. And the size of the particle, which is dictated by the size of the screen used, has a huge impact on the quality of the pellet produced and the productivity of the pellet mill. Particle size, along with moisture content, is one of the most significant factors affecting overall pellet quality. Finer particle sizes generally correspond with greater pellet strength and durability as larger particles serve as fissure points. Several researchers observed that optimal pellet quality is achieved with a mixture of particle sizes due to increased inter-particle bonding and the elimination of inter-particle spaces. Material grinding is the most common form of particle size reduction for biomass feedstock before entering the pelleting process. The survey shows that hammer mill screen sizes of either 3.2 mm or 3.2 to 4.0 mm produced the highest quality pellets.

Bamboo Hammer Mill Test Video