We are a professional flat die pellet mill supplier

As the expert in China’s pellet machine manufacturing industry, we have always been in a leading position in flat die pellet mill supply. We always walk in the forefront even in the increasingly competitive pellet machinery industry today.

For over 10 years, we have accumulated sufficient experience and knowledge in the production of flat-die pellet machines. Our flat die pellet machine is much more popular for small-scale wood pellets and feed pellets production at home, on the farm, in the yard, or outside in the open air, even in areas with a shortage supply of electricity.

flat die pellet mill supplier

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Vision & Misssion

We are constantly dedicated to improving and upgrading biomass technology. And we are striving to help our customers to develop a vast market and profitable business cooperation.

Specific pelletizing solutions can be customized according to your requirements. Moreover, we offer professional technical guidance and excellent after-sales service! Therefore, do not hesitate to leave a message!