Electric Hammer Mill CF420B Specifications

Packing Size ( mm )
Screen Hole Size
200~500 kg/h
Electric Engine
1120*820*1070 mm
1.8–10 mm

Note: Three-phase voltage–380v/50Hz

Introduction of the CF420 Electric Hammer Mill
This CF420 electric Hammer Mill is used for crushing small-diameter raw materials, which are no more than 50mm such as corn straw, grain, tree branches, bamboo, and so on. After crushing, the diameter of the final products could be 3-5mm which is the optimal size for pelleting or briquetting. Featured with convenient operation and high efficiency, this electric hammer mill is the first choice for farms, middle-sized feeding factories, and families.

Typical Applications of Wood Hammer Mill
Wood hammer mill is popular with many industries and we recommend it as well if you are considering biomass industry investment. Biomass fuel takes wood chips, wood sawdust, peanut stalks, corn straws, and so on as materials and wood hammer mills can crush these materials into 3mm-5mm wood materials for pellet mill use.
▶ Wood Pellet Production
▶ Feed Pellet production
▶ Wood Briquette production

electric wood hammer mill

Key Features of CF420 Wood Hammer Mill
1. The electric hammer mill power is 7.5kw, capacity is 200~500kg/h, suitable for making wood pellet stove pellets for your own family.
2. Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized by adjusting the gap between the hammers and the screen. So processing feedstuff material is also possible.
3. The core part of the hammer flake is scientifically designed to have two concussion parts, thus when one part is worn out, you can turn over to use the other part.
4. The angle of the screen can be 180° which allows for high throughput at lower power consumption.
5. Equipped with an air blower, the crushed material can be directly collected and transported to the next machine for further processing.
6. You can change the screening sieve according to different material grinding requirements.
7. We can customize the following sieve with a screening hole diameter of 1.8mm-10mm.

Structure and Working Principles of Wood Hammer Mill
1. The grinder consists of three parts on the whole: a feed hopper, grinding cell, and winding system.
2. Wood Hammer Mill Working Process
The raw material flows into the grinding cell by feeding hopper and then is ground into powder by rotary flake – hammers’ hitting.
The rough powder and fine powder all fly to the screen. Because of centrifugal force and wind force, the fine powder passed through the screen and comes to the product’s container. The rough powder is continuous to be ground till it becomes fine.
Corn Stalk Hammer Mill Working Video

Operation Tips for Wood Hammer Mill

◀ In order to ensure productivity and avoid clogging, the moisture content of the raw material should be 8%-15%.
◀ The productivity varies with the feed’s type and moisture content, the hole’s size in the screen
Factors you should consider to buy a Suitable Hammer Mill

how to choose a hammer mill1. To buy a suitable hammer mill, you should consider the forestry enterprise production characteristic and production conditions.
2. Choose high efficient hammer mill for work, because it can process much more material in an equal time, and also can keep good quality on the finished product.
3. Choose a safe and reliable machine, as forestry enterprises operating condition is poorer than other companies, hard and durable machine is less likely to break.
4. Choose a machine with easy operation, simple maintenance, reasonable price, and better common ability.
5. To choose a suitable hammer mill, you should not only consider the economic aspects but also consider manufacturing technology.