The developers of pellet mills have come up with small-size pellet machines for the home user. These flat die pellet mills work just as well as the industrial pellet machines. These mobile pellet mills allow the homeowner to make pellets for heating purposes and feeding animals in their home. It is also possible for you if you buy a diesel homemade pellet mill even if you say it is not convenient to use electricity.

Why Choose Diesel Flat Die Pellet Mill
1. No energy limit
There are many types of pellet mills in the market: Ring Die pellet mills and Flat die pellet mills. Ring die pellet mill is always used in industrial production and is much more expensive than flat die pellet mill. For small-scale businesses and home use, a flat die pellet mill is best for cost-effective price and proper production capacity.

Here we supply two kinds of energy-driven flat die pellet machines: Electricity-driven and Diesel-driven. Both are suitable for home production. Here is a key point to choose a Diesel pellet mill. Driven by a diesel engine, it makes pellets production possible, especially in the rural area with a shortage supply of electricity. And diesel is very easy to get almost everywhere.

agro waste pellet mill2. Convenient to work nearby a farm
With the Diesel Flat Die Pellet Mill machine, the process of making pellets can be so easy. Back in the 1970’s pelletizing machines were used primarily in the production of animal feeds, however, as time goes by, additional better use for the mills was initiated with pellet press machines being used not only in the processing of animal feeds but also for wood pellets which can be used as fuel for heating home. In general biomass fuel has been taken more seriously than ever. You will realize that most small-scale pellet producers tend to choose pellet press diesel running machines.

3. More cost-effective
The price of the Diesel Pellet Mill machines is not astronomical. In fact, many homeowners are now able to afford the nifty mills. The small-scale use of pellet mills is on the increase. The one thing that you need to do is to buy the machine from a reputable company. This will ensure that you get the best machine. It will also ensure that you are not swindled. The machine that you can buy will fit all your pellet needs completely. Amisy will come to realize all your imagination on pellet mills.

Overview of  300BD Flat Die Pellet Machine
A. 300BD Diesel Flat Die Pellet Mill Parameters

Model Power Capacity Diameter of Mould Packing Size
300BD 35HP Wood Pellet Production: 250-300kg/h
Feed Pellet Production: 600-800kg/h
300 mm 1200*520*1050mm

B. Biomass Pellets made by this Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

biomass material and wood pellets

C. Feed Pellets produced by this Household Pellet Machine

chicken feed pellets and pig feed pellets

Diesel Pellet Mill Performance Features

flat die pellet mill working principle1. Driven by a diesel engine making pellets production possible, especially in the rural area with a shortage supply of electricity.
2. Low Cost: The low cost of diesel fuel results in low-cost energy production. Cheap energy will also result in decreased production costs and help you save a lot of money in buying raw materials.
3. Diesel is easy to get: Among all the fossil fuels, diesel is the most easily available one around the world. You can find it almost everywhere.
4. Cost-effective price and can meet your requirement in pellet production.
5. Equipped with the clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its speed.
6. Pellets size can be from 2-12 mm on your requirement. When making a different size, you just need to change the die mold.
Warm Tips for Flat Die Pellet Mill Operation
1. Before every use, please clean the flat die pellet mill carefully to clean out the foreign material.
2. Please watch out for your raw material with proper moisture. Only raw materials of consistent quality can produce consistent-quality pellets.
3. Please choose the right pellet mill upon your operating environment and handling capacity.
4. Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions. Amisy will try to help you with all your requirement.

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