Along with the green lifestyle concern in our daily life and the increasing fossil fuel and electricity prices, more and more people tend to choose wood pellet machines for the purpose of home heating. Flat die pellet mills or small pellet mills come in the diesel engine pellet mill and electric motor pellet mill with the advantages of low cost and easily moved are widely used at home. For beginners, the correct operation can not only reduce the security hidden danger but also can improve the efficiency of machines. Here we give some knowledge for those who just start to use a flat die pellet machine.

How to Use and Maintain Wood Pellet Mill Properly?
1. Add oil to the transmission parts at regular times. All the transmission parts should be lubricated in a fixed time to ensure a long service time.
2. Change the lubricating oil of the gear case at the regular time, new pellet mills change the oil after half a month of operation, change oil every 1000 hours of continual operation later on, and lengthen the useful life of the gear case.
3. Prohibit overload production. In the manufacturing process, can’t exceed pellet mill can withstand the producing capacity, otherwise motor damaged and accelerated wear of parts, shorten the useful life of the pellet mill.

pellet mill roller and dies4. Iron and sundries have been removed from raw material, clean the iron removal device every shift, and avoid foreign matter entering the working chamber to cause pellet mill body vibration and pellet mill die cracking.
5. Monthly inspection of pellet mill parts is also required which includes pellet mill roller, pellet die, gear, and bearings. If you find something wrong with those parts, you should replace them instantly. You should also check if some connected parts are loose.
6. Adjust the clearance between the flat die and pressure roller every shift. When the pellet mill is blocked, you must ease off the pressure roller, clear the material in the inner wall of the flat die, and adjust the clearance between the flat die and pressure roller again, absolutely can’t start forcibly, avoid the transmission parts and bearing guard damaged by suffering violent vibration.
7. After utilizing the pellet mill, you should take out the roller and wash it very carefully, then put it back after cleaning and get ready for the next use. If the pellet machine is not regularly used, you should make sure the pellet mill is well-preserved: clean the pellet machine, coat the surface with antirust oil, and then cover it with tarpaulin. Besides, the pellet machine needs to be placed in a clean and dry atmosphere. The acid as well as other mordant air should be avoided.
8. Please carefully read the operation instructions before starting the wood pellet mill, and follow the professional technicians’ reasonable guidance. Once the malfunction happens, you should immediately shut down for inspection and maintenance.

Right operation and maintenance at ordinary times is the key to lengthening the lifespan of pellet mills, so to strengthen the management of your pellet machine at ordinary times, the in-bring benefits will increase significantly.