The Pellet mill is an efficient pelletizing device that is widely employed in pellet production lines. It can be divided into two types by die mold design: flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. In small and medium-sized production, the former is superior to the latter based on its unique merits of easy operation, low consumption, and competitive price. Compared with ring die pellet machines in different aspects, flat die pellet mills own the following outstanding superiority.

1. Even feeding way

flat die pellet mill working principle

Ring die pellet mill adopts a forced feeding method. Raw materials enter the pelletizing chamber through a high-speed revolution, then the scraper in the machine distributes the raw materials. This feeding way can not feed uniformly, which is inferior to that of a flat die pellet machine. Flat die pellet mills can feed evenly for the raw materials directly entering into the crushing chamber relying on their own gravity.

2. Changeable pressure

flat die pellet mill design

With the same diameter mold, the roller of the ring die is limited by the mold diameter, so the pressure is restricted. However, the flat die pellet mill does not have this problem. You can enlarge the inner bearing space and choose a big bearing to increase the bearing capability, which not only improves the press power of the roller but also prolongs the service life. With changeable pressure, a flat die pellet mill can process a variety of materials especially crude fiber materials like sawdust, stalk, straw, peanut shell, and so on. But for ring die pellet mill, it may result in roller bearing wear or broken to compress crude fiber materials due to its unadjustable pressure.

3. Low breakage discharging way

ring die pellet mill design

Ring die belongs to high rotary speed, and the material’s percentage of damage is high. Compared with the ring die, the flat die is of low-speed revolution, so the breakage is lower. Besides, a flat die wood pellet mill can pelletize the pellet with a more smooth surface.

4. Greater mobility

Ring die pellet mill is in a large structure so it is not easy to move it. the Flat die pellet machine is with little space and you can move it anywhere you want, which is convenient for pelletizing. Moreover, the portable flat die pellet mill is less wear and tear compared with the ring die pellet mill.

Flat die pellet mill is characterized by low energy consumption, good efficiency, and competitive price and gets more and more popular in the market. It is a worthy investment for small-scale family workshops. We are experts in the design and manufacturing of pelletizing solutions and supply a variety of models of flat die pellet mills driven by diesel or electric engines. If you are interested in mobile flat die pellet mills, we are glad to offer you the most suitable machine according to your special demands!