The 300 Mobile Pellet Plant is manufactured for professional pelletization. It is one simplified crushing and pelletizing device that is most suitable for homemade pellets production. People who have a small poultry farm or stud farm would have the willingness to press feed pellets or horse bedding on their own. Save Money and reduce costs!

Highlights of Portable Pellet Plant
1. Muti-functional. This hammer mill and pellet mill all-in-one machine can crush large wood particles and make them into pellets at the same time.
2. Economical and efficient. With this muti-functional machine, you will never need to buy a wood crusher and wood pellet mill separately.
3. Suitable for home use. A simplified design and compact structure can meet all basic demands in homemade pellets production.
4. Dural and well-knit. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this hammer mill and pellet mill combined machine can have a long service life.
5. Adjustable fineness and pellet size. All the sizes and dimensions are determined by the mold screen size. We can make different molds to meet your demand.

Combine Feed Pellet Mill and Feed Hammer Mill Application

animal bedding pellets

1. This 300 pellet plant enjoys great praise from our customers because of its mobility. It can be moved to anywhere raw material is. For example, in harvesting season, you can transport this small pellet plant to wheat land. Wheat straws can be thrown into the pellet plant directly once they are removed. Pressed wheat straw pellets are dry and clean and used as fuel pellets or animal bedding.
2. Convenient transportation saves both money and time spent on raw material delivery. Customized design and sweet service make work easy and labor-saving. Advanced-designed small pellet plant helps you recycle waste into biomass. A new lifestyle and new business are waiting for you!

Feed Pellets Storage Tips
With a mini-feed pellet plant at home, it’s very easy to make feed pellets for poultry. How do we deal with these pressed pellets after a large pellet production? How can we store pellets easily?

Feed pellets storage is not a difficult process when you are too careful, however, many farm owners do not take pellets storage into consideration leaving pellets in open bags or on wet floors.

feed pellets

The main issues about storing feed pellets are to prevent
A: Growth of mold on feed pellets;
B: Breakdown of nutrients;
C: Insect infestation;
D: Attracting rats or other pets to your barn;
E: Transmission of disease to your poultry.

Any container that will keep out sunlight, rodents, insects, other pets, moisture, and mold can be used as feed pellet storage. Special consideration in feed pellet storage should be given when pellets are with high-fat content. Please put them in a cool place to prevent them from going rancid.

Anyway, wherever you store feed pellets, just keep them from water, sunshine, rats, and mold. Proper storage is very important to keep nutrition in feed pellets.