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Pellet Mill for Biomass Pellet Boiler

Within a very short time, heating with biomass pellets boiler has become established as a popular and widely used way of supplying heat. This is no wonder, because fuel pellets are not only environmentally friendly, they also offer the highest levels of heating comfort with fully automatic operation.
Biomass Boiler Burning Issues
Pellet boiler burns pellets manufactured by wood pellet mills.Wood produces such as wood sawdust, wood chips, branches are common raw materials of biomass pellets. Nowadays,straw materials such as wheat straw, ice husk, corn straw,sorghum, peanut straw, soybean straw , alfalfa straw and cotton stalk are also widely used in pellets processing. Material re-prepared by a wood pellet hammer comes into the wood pellet mill, then in the pellet mill,it’s compressed into wood pellets.

pellet mill for wood pellet boiler

Pellet Boiler Operation Solution
★ Biomass pellet boilers are very popular with households because they are totally clean and easy to use with high combustion efficiency.Here’s some operation tips for your reference.
★ Before starting the biomass pellet boiler,reset the control button to make sure it’s closed.This procedure is to avoid hidden safe trouble in boiler usage.
★ Clean burn pot with a scraper.This is typically a weekly maintenance procedure, but,depending on the fuel being burned,may need done more frequently.
★ Fill hopper with pellets.Before refilling the hopper, check for excessive fines in the bottom of the hopper. Fines are small pieces of broken pellets. Fines do not flow easily and often build up on the hopper funnel bottom angles. These fines can be pushed into the feeder opening and then fill the hopper with pellets. As the system works, they will be burned.
★ Adjust the boiler feed to gain a high Combustion efficiency.Flip the Igniter Switch up into the “AUTO” position.Then you can Turn on the temperature dial and allow the boiler to work.
★ Fill hopper with pellets and remove ashes as required.Type of Fuel - Use pelletized wood only. The lower the ash content of the pellets the less cleaning that will be needed of the heat exchanger tubes.The cleaner these tubes are kept, the more efficient the boiler will be.
Biomass Pellet Boiler Application
Pellet boilers are suitable for people who are both interested in saving money and lessening their environmental impact.Recently pellet heating system is mainly used for residential and commercial space heating.In the near future,there’s a possibility that pellet boiler will be seen application in electricity generation facility. Amisy pellet mill manufacturer is specialized in providing high quality wood pellet mills.If you want to make pellets for pellet boiler,please feel free to contact us.