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Wood Powder Machine
  • AMS-WP500 Wood Powder Machine

    AMS-WP500 Wood Powder Machine

    Multifunctional, can be used to process various kinds of wood material such as wood shavings, rich rusk, bamboo wood powder, nutshell,herb.

  • AMS-WP800 Wood Flour Machine

    AMS-WP800 Wood Flour Machine

    AMS WP800 wood flour machine is of double chamber design, greatly improving working efficiency.Fine finished products and lower cost.

  • AMS-WP900 Powder Grinder Machine

    AMS-WP900 Powder Grinder Machine

    We can provide a complete wood powder production line as well as powder grinder machine. 60-80 mesh in paper-making ;120 mesh for high grade incense.

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