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Mobile Pellet Plant
200-250 kg/h Portable Pellet Plant
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Apart from electricity-driven flat die pellet mill and diesel-driven flat die pellet mill, now you have a new choice to make own pellets at home. Small mobile pellet plant is our latest design to finish crushing and pelletizing at the same time in one machine. Advanced small pellet plant has the combined functions of wood pellet mill and wood hammer mill. It can crush large particles into powder and then press them to feed pellets or wood pellets. You can enjoy two functions with less money in one machine because you’are worth such a cost-effective pellet plant.
A: AMSPH-250 Small Mobile Pellet Plant Specifications

Wood pellets: 200-250 kg/h
Feed pellets: 250-300kg/h


low price pellet mill

Wood pellets: 200-250 kg/h
Feed pellets: 250-300kg/h
22 kw
1.75*1.6*1.9 m
550 kg

B: Biomass Pellets Made by AMSPH-250 Mobile Pellet Plant

animal bedding pellets

C: Feed Pellets Made by Hammer Mill and Pellet Mill Combined Machine

animal feed pellets

Highlights of AMSPH-250 Mobile Pellet Plant
Muti-functional. This hammer mill and pellet mill all-in-one machine can crush large wood particles and make them into pellets at the same time.
2. Economical and efficient. With this muti-functional machine, you will never need to buy wood crusher and wood pellet mill separately.
3. Suitable for home use. Simplified design and compact structure can meet all basic demand in home made pellets production.
4. Dural and well-knit. Made from high quality stainless steel, this hammer mill and pellet mill combined machine can have a long service life.
5. Adjustable fineness and pellet size. All the size and dimension is determined by the mould screen size. We can make different mould to meet your demand.

What can we offer to you?
>>> A flexible pellet plant
>>> A economical investment
>>> A sweet after-sale service
Raw Material for Mobile Pellet Plant

wood pellet material

This multifunctional mobile pellet plant can press both biomass pellets and feed pellets.

To small poultry farm, virous grains such as corn, wheat, sorghum, soybean, grass are all good source to bring up chicken, sheep and cattle. Feed pellets made by this pellet mill combined machine are easy to digest by livestocks. And some nutrition ingredient like vitamin, protein can be added to promote the growth and development of poultry.

This small mobile pellet plant can make biomass pellets for home heating and stove boilers. Generally forestry waste like crops straw, husks, vines, leaves and branches, wood chips are cheap material for fuel pellets. Biomass pellets can burn fully without smoke. It’s much cheaper than electricity and cleaner than fossil energy.

Small Mobile Pellet Plant Application
Amisy small mobile pellet plant has compact structure and it’s easy and convenient to move around. And due to the delicate design, the volume of our multifunctional pellet plant is small and favorable for transportation.

Pellets made by multifunctional pellet plant can be used as heating fuel and fodder pellets based on different raw material. Biomass pellets are used to make fire and can warm house in winter. Poultry can be bring up with home made fodder which contains more nutrition and protein.

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