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vertical ring die wood pellet mill

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  • AMSPLM 300B Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill

    AMSPLM 300B Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill


    If you are hunting for a low cost pellet mill to for home use, we'll recommend this electric flat die pellet mill to suit your needs.Portable and Efficent

  • AMSPLM 400 Roller Driven Pellet Mill

    AMSPLM 400 Roller Driven Pellet Mill


    A roller-driven pellet mill works much better for wood pellets. This flat die pellet mill is suitable for small wood pellet business as well as home use.

  • AMS-WP500 Wood Powder Machine

    AMS-WP500 Wood Powder Machine

    Multifunctional, can be used to process various kinds of wood material such as wood shavings, rich rusk, bamboo wood powder, nutshell,herb.

  • AMS-WP800 Wood Flour Machine

    AMS-WP800 Wood Flour Machine

    AMS WP800 wood flour machine is of double chamber design, greatly improving working efficiency.Fine finished products and lower cost.

  • AMS-WP900 Powder Grinder Machine

    AMS-WP900 Powder Grinder Machine

    We can provide a complete wood powder production line as well as powder grinder machine. 60-80 mesh in paper-making ;120 mesh for high grade incense.

  • Household Hammer Mill CF158

    Household Hammer Mill CF158


    Household hammer mill grinder, necessary auxiliary machine for making your wood pellets and feed pellets. Screen size is 1.5-10 mm.

  • Diesel Hammer Mill CF420A15

    Diesel Hammer Mill CF420A15

    Ideal for crushing straws,stalks, corn bombs,bamboo, wood branches for making wood pellets and biomass briquettes; also applicable for making feed pellets.

  • Diesel Hammer Mill CF420A22

    Diesel Hammer Mill CF420A22


    Used to reduce the size of wood chips and other suitably sized raw materials to the correct particle size for pelleting or briquetting.

  • Electric Hammer Mill CF420B

    Electric Hammer Mill CF420B


    CF420 electric Hammer Mill can process soft materials with dia less than 50mm such as corn straw, grain, tree branches, and bamboo and so on.

  • Electric Hammer Mill CF420C

    Electric Hammer Mill CF420C


    With capacity 200-700kg/h, it is can surely meet the production requirement in the farms, middle sized feeding factory or family.

  • CF500A Diesel Hammer Mill

    CF500A Diesel Hammer Mill


    This multifunctional hammer mill capacity can be up to 800-1100kg/h,ideal for wood pellets and feed pellets production line.

  • Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill

    Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill


    Specially designed pellet mill which can process hard biomass material like eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar