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vertical ring die wood pellet mill

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Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill
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wood pellets:1800-2000kg/h
feed pellets: 2700-3000kg/h


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Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill Specifications

Cross Weight
wood pellets:1800-2000kg/h
feed pellets: 2700-3000kg/h

Highlights of Vertical ring Die Pellet Mill Design

◆ Vertical die, feeding vertically; No arching of raw materials, easy for heating dissipation.
◆ Die fixed, rollers rotating, better for even material distribution.
◆ Independent lubrication; high pressure filtration, clean and unblocked
◆ Independent and frequency changeable cutting device ensuring high pelletizing rate.
Vertical Placed Ring Die

pellet mill ring die

vertical ring die pellet mill

Get to Know More about Vertical Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
This wood pellet mill is specially designed pellet mill which can process hard biomass material like eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar as well as crop straw, bamboo sawdust shavings into biomass fuel. This new generation of wood pellet machine effectively solves the difficulty in biological crude fiber granulation and the problem of poor quality. The host drive adopts high efficiency belt drive, the ring die is of quick detachable hoop type, feeder with frequency control feeding device which ensures uniform feeding. Our international advanced manufacturing technology can provide you with a variety of high-quality molds according to your materials for your pellet machine, which can make your machine have a longer service life and lower power consumption, products with better quality.

Pellet Mill Electric Control Cabinet

pellet mill electric control cabinet

wood pellets

Vertical Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill Features
1. Suitable to press various biomass material such sawdust, straw and soybean chaff.
2. Compact structure and advanced design technology. Adopting cold-press molding process, this vertical ring die pellet mill has long-term service.
3. High yield with low energy consumption. It can working for 24 hours continual production.
4. Swiss imported transmission parts and Japanese imported bearings ensure a reliable performance.
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vertical ring die pellet mill factory

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